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The Wynnum and Tingalpa areas are very familiar to Termite Solutions. Bordered by Thorneside and Capalaba to the South, Belmont and Cannon Hill to the West and by the river and the Moreton Bay to the North and East; this area represents a diverse group of older Queenslanders and newer brick veneer houses. Unfortunately, we have plenty of experience in treating both types of houses throughout these suburbs. Once the whole Wynnum/Manly area was a genuine sattelite of the city but much like Ipswich or the Gold Coast it has slowly been integrated into the mega-suburbia that South East Queensland has become. Sadly, the halcyon days of Gene Miles and Wally Lewis being cheered from the chook pen are a somewhat of a distant memory but the team continues to do Wynnum proud.

WynnumIn Wynnum and Manly there are many beautiful Queenslanders, many of which have undergone extensive renovations. We frequently see problems in the partition walls downstairs of these types of homes as well as in the older style attached laundries and timber stumps. The humid sea breezes of the bayside suburbs are also forgiving for the termites in these ultra coastal areas. If the termites make it upstairs then the repairs can be really expensive these days and replacement VJ wall boards and decorative trims are getting harder to source.

As we retreat into Manly West, Wynnum West and Tingalpa we find more new estates, ranging from the 1980’s and ’90’s to the very new developments along Manly Rd (near where the old Edgel’s cannery used to be) and through parts of Gumdale. The majority of the houses are brick veneer, the MOST susceptible to severe termite attack. Single brick houses are also common in the older areas of these suburbs where the partition walls downstairs are a frequent cause of issues.

Particularly along the Northern and Southern borders there are many heavily treed areas providing opportunites for termite nesting. Gumdale is still largely rural despite decent developments and Lota is bordered by the bushland along Whites Rd. Not that the termites necessarily need these tracts of bush, we recently treated a problem in RQYS where the nearest tree was hundreds of metres away on the bluff overlooking the mudflats.

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The proximity of the Sea also makes this area a hotspot for drywood termites that need a relatively high moisture content in the timber they attack. The natives species are relatively harmless but the evil invaders Cyptotermes brevis (West Indian Termites) have also been found in Manly in the last few years. This terrifying species is a Government controlled pest (like fire ants).

We have many years of experience in treating houses in these suburbs. If you are having termite trouble in Wynnum, Wynnum West, Manly, Manly West, Hemmant, Lota, Gumdale or Tingalpa contact our office!