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Important information about the termite protection around your home and your obligations to have annual inspections.

Over the last few years Termite Solutions technicians have been involved in treating a large number of termite infestations in Wakerley homes. We’ve seen over 30 termite infestations recently in Wakerley, and alarmingly, several of these have been near new homes where the termite protection failed. In Gordon Crescent alone we’ve just treated 4 near new homes side by side, and another 2 with termite damage and serious infestations. The Builder won’t take any responsibility for the repairs as the owners failed to have regular termite inspections. Here are 2 photos showing termites entering beside the electrical services that weren’t protected adequately. First photo shows the termite packing in the wall and the second photo shows the exposed electrical conduit where the termites entered beside.

termite infestations

Termite Solutions technicians

Our First warning is to those home owners in newer homes built recently, and particularly since 2009. These homes are probably still covered by the Builders’ Structural Warranty. Just as your Builder had a duty of care to build your home to the highest standards and provide a 7 year structural warranty, the responsibility now falls to your duty of care in having at least annual termite inspections carried out.

The consequence of not having had a recent termite inspection (within 12 months) is that, if termites were to cause extensive damage in your home, the builder will argue that you are responsible for the extensive repairs. You won’t have a leg to stand on.

All houses in the newer Wakerley estates have some form of physical termite protection incorporated into their design. These could include Termimesh, Kordon, Granitgard, an exposed slab edge or another of the modern pre-construction systems.

Check inside the meter box on the outside of your home, and inside your kitchen cupboard for these details on your Termite Protection Notice sticker. The Builders Pest firm was required by law to install these stickers. If they are missing call your Builder and ask for them to be provided. These will be required when you decide to sell your home.

Here’s what the notice might look like:

Termite Protection Notice

Termite attacks can and do occur in new homes, even when they have physical termite protection.

Please call Termite Solutions on Free call 1800 009 229  or 38934311 and we can arrange to have your annual inspections carried out each year to protect your Builders Warranty. Mention this flyer for a special price and we’ll also include an infrared inspection using our high resolution FLIR thermal cameras. See our website for informative videos about thermal imaging and termite inspections.

Our Second warning is for home owners with older homes built before 2002. Chemical barriers were used as termite protection in most of these homes. The life expectancy of the termite products used in these homes should also be found in the Meter box. Usually this is 5 to 8 years. Many of these homes have expired termite barriers. These are the homes where most termite infestations occur. Statistics show that around 30% of these homes will, at some time in the future, sustain a termite infestation. Do you feel lucky?

Call Termite Solutions for a free quote for a new Termidor termite barrier.

In Brick veneer homes termite damage happens from the inside out. Termites can cause serious structural damage over a short period of time, but by having regular inspections, at least once every year, your home won’t become one of those ‘Horror Stories’ often seen on the television current affairs shows. Owners of brick veneer homes generally don’t detect termites until the damage is serious and repair costs are some times in the tens of thousands of dollars.

We don’t mean to scare you with this warning letter, but we don’t want to see your home destroyed by termites due to the lack of a regular inspection program. Apart from your family, your home is probably your biggest asset, and whilst you’ve probably insured it against Fire and Theft etc, the reality is that you’re much more likely to sustain a termite infestation in your home than a fire.

The cost of an annual termite inspection is much less than your premium for Home and Contents Insurance. So call us now and we’ll take care of your home while you’re taking care of what you do best.

Phone us now on 1800 009 229 or if you are a night owl send a quick email with your contact details to inspector@termitesolutions.com.au and we’ll organise the rest.

We’ve done our duty to warn you about regular inspections.

When was your last termite inspection?