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Firstly, some homes are much more susceptible than others to serious undetected termite damage.

Brick veneer homes and homes built on concrete slabs are at much higher termite risk than homes on stumps such as Queenslanders.

Believe it or not, if you live in an original Queenslander style home or timber home on stumps with adequate ant capping, then you are at a much lower risk of serious termite damage than those in Brick veneer homes.

As a rule: Brick homes get termites, while Queenslanders get borers.

Brick veneer homes ( most modern homes ) have a brick exterior or façade and an untreated timber frame that supports the roof. As termites eat these homes from the inside out as seen on television, the damage often goes undetected until skirting boards and window frames (insert photo) start to disappear. That’s when you realize you have a problem. Contact Termite Solutions!

If you own or are buying a Brick Veneer home, you are buying a high termite risk home. Book professional building and pest inspections before you buy it and have it inspected ‘at least’ annually thereafter without fail.