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There’s nothing like a bevy of termites eating away at your home’s foundations to ruin your day, week, month or even year. At Termite Solutions, we specialise solely in the removal of termites, so you can rid your home of these little pests before they cause any substantial amount of damage. The experienced technicians at Termite Solutions are not simply dime-a-dozen exterminators: we don’t deal with cockroach issues and we do not clean carpets or help you to rid your house of fleas.

Instead, we have made a concentrated effort at becoming the best termite treatment company that we can be, and we do that by knowing termites better than virtually anyone else out there. We know how termites live and thrive, what to do to eliminate them and what safeguards are necessary to make sure they don’t come crawling back. If you are looking for termite treatment in Brisbane, Termite Solutions is the company to call. Rest assured that we are both fully licensed (BSA 76114) and insured.

Of course, it isn’t always easy to know whether or not you have a termite problem until the issue begins to get out of hand. If you have begun to notice unexplained instances of damage to different parts of your home—whether interior or exterior—give Termite Solutions a call. We are available to address urgent situations within a few hours of your call. Once we arrive at your home—we serve all of the Brisbane area—we will go to work preparing a complimentary quote for you based on the extent of the termite damage, the seriousness of the infestation and the size of the home’s perimeter.

All of this information is then used to prepare a termite treatment proposal, where we lay out precisely what you can expect to pay to take care of the problem: no hidden fees, no exorbitant convenience charges. Once the treatment proposal is approved, Termite Solutions performs a more thorough inspection of your home and property, not only targeting the damaged areas on the interior of your house like some exterminators, but combing your yard and surrounding areas for termite nesting spots. At Termite Solutions, our goal is not only to eliminate the unwanted invaders from your home, but to also implement protections to guarantee the safety of your property and your own peace of mind in the future.

Treatments That Last

So how do we make sure that your home is left worry-free before you begin spending money on repairing the structural damage caused by termites? We inject Termidor, the world-leading termite treatment product, into nesting areas, supposed entry points and other areas in an around your home where we believe termites may be hiding. We create a termite protection zone around your perimeter, flushing out hidden termites as we go, and we then check our work with thermal imaging to make sure all of the termites are truly gone forever before you initiate repairs.

Lastly, we recommend annual termite inspections to make sure that your biggest asset remains protected from these damage-intensive little pests. So if you are looking for a Brisbane termite treatment that assures long-lasting safety without costing you an arm and a leg, choose to “keep it local” and give Termite Solutions a call.

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