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A Termite Inspection usually takes around an hour and a half.

It may involve, inspecting fences trees and the grounds and crawling under the house and through your roof, and inspecting the walls with expensive equipment such as moisture meters, infra red imagers, borescopes and the provision of a report.


If you’ve been offered a Free termite inspection, then you can be guaranteed that a ‘sales pitch’ will soon follow.

You get what you pay for with termite inspections and termite treatments, so make sure you choose a reputable firm for your termite protection. Termite Solutions have been under the same management since January 1996, so you can feel safe that we’ll be there in the future for your  termite protection warranty.

If you’ve been visited by a Hit Man, then you’re going be very happy with a Termite Solutions quote. Contact Termite Solutions now for a sensible ‘no obligation’ Termidor quote.


Our Termite Protection Proposal may take up to an hour and may include an inspection of the roof or under the house, but you won’t be charged for it.

We do lots of quotes, most people want a free termite treatment quote, we understand that, but if there are termites in your building then we recommend that a thorough inspection and report be carried out first, including thermal imaging so you’ll know exactly where the problems are.

Once a termite inspection has been carried out, there is no guessing as to where the termites are lurking in your walls, and your termite treatment can be customized to match your budget. We’re experts at termite nest location, and Termidor barrier treatments as we are Termidor Accredited Applicators, so we’ll do our best to find and treat the nest for you and protect your home with a Termidor Treatment.

If there is some termite damage, we can recommend and co-ordinate Termite Damage Specialists to assist with the repairs.

To book a Free Termite Treatment Quote or Termite Inspection contact Termite Solutions on 1800 009 229.