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You find more termites with Thermal Imaging!

The tenants of this Wellington Point home called Termite Solutions Brisbane to investigate an issue under the kitchen cupboards.

Our inspector inspected the roof and found termite damaged hardwood roof trusses as well as termite damage and packing at the back of the cupboard under the sink. The big surprise was the large termite pack hidden behind the wall cupboards and inside the electricity meter box outside that area.

Here’s what we saw:

Thermal imaging helps us to see exactly where to place our Termidor Dust.

Although the termite workings can be seen inside the meter box, the main pack is located above and the right a little of the meter box.



Thermal imaging shows us exactly where they are hiding in the walls, so we can treat the pack with precision.

We cannot use liquid to treat this area due to the risk of electrocution, so Termidor Dust is ideal for such situations.





Young Beau was helpful in the next photo where he points to a spot on the wall where termite activity was suspected, and here we see both digital and thermal images where the termites have concentrated. Thermal imaging allows us to pin point our treatments to ensure we treat all as many termites as possible with Termidor Dust.

This home is another example of a hardwood framed home

With Meranti skirtings and architraves where a serious termite infestation and damage has gone undetected by the occupants and without thermal imaging a pest manager relying on a Free Visual Check would most likely walk right past the problem. A huge gum tree beside the home is the most likely source of this infestation, so treatment of the tree will be required to kill the colony. Here’s what we found in the kitchen.