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Termite Solutions were asked to provide a free quote for a termite treatment for this 7 year old four bedroom brick veneer home in Springfield lakes today.

Severe extensive damage was observed to the garage walls including top plates and bottom plates.

When this occurs, the heavy roof tiles can drop into the wall frame as happened in this home. The home was built under the new building code and should have been protected by the reticulation system of pipes installed around the home, but we found that the installation company used one of the cheap less effective products, Bifenthrin, and they used it at the ‘half rate’ or half strength rate as indicated on the treatment notice. This was a saving of around $150 for the installation firm.

Bifenthrin at full strength has a life expectancy of 10 years.  But, instead of giving Ten years protection, the home has suffered damage of around $4000 after only seven years. Springfield Lakes over the last few years has had dozens of it’s new homes damaged by termites, and although they were built under the new building code, installations don’t always go as planned, and systems can be compromised by poor workmanship by tradesmen such as concretors covering weep holes and termite systems with paving.

Here’s what we found today at Springfield Lakes: