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Termite Solutions were asked to provide a free quote at these units in Northgate recently. Termites had entered the ‘Blue Board’ exterior over slab edges in several areas and behind the water tank, and had caused extensive structural damage to the unit. Damage was evident on the lower floor, the floor void under the bathroom and roof void including structural damage to top plates which support the roof.


Here’s what we saw:

Termites have damaged the top plate timber in several areas of this home as well as wall framing on both levels. No termite inspections had been carried out for several years to save money. Now, for repair and treatmant, the costs will go into several thousand dollars. Termites have been known to short electrical wiring causing fire and associated damage.
Termites have entered around service entry points ( plumbing ) and can be seen causing damage to the bottom plates of the building which support wall framing and the roof.
Top plates are damaged over the bathroom of this pine framed unit at Northgate. The importance of regular inspections cannot be overstressed in timber framed buildings such as this.
Here’s where we found termites in large numbers. The light coloured section of this image show us exactly where the termites are hiding. Thermal imaging helps us to pinpoint where termite treatments need to be placed. We can also tell when the colony has been eradicated when we carry out our followup inspections after the treatment.