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Nathan is home to Toohey Forest Conservation Park, Griffith University‘s Nathan campus and the Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre which hosted the opening ceremony of the 1982 Commonwealth Games.

The Queensland Academy of Sport currently uses the facilities located at the stadium. The Mount Gravatt Cemetery is part of Nathan. Those that know Nathan will be aware that it is a heavily treed suburb, and that along with trees, come Termites!

We last treated this above home 11 years ago with a product, Chlorpyrifos, that had a 10 year life expectancy. As is commonly the case with the older repellant chemicals that were used 11 years ago, termites re-infest after the chemical breakdown.

We were surprised to see the pergola posts so badly damaged and termites back into the laundry area. This pergola was ready to collapse due to the lack of maintenance and regular inspections.  The last termite inspection and treatment at this home was 11 years ago.

Here are some photos….

A Termidor treatment was carried out to this Nathan home in order to protect it for the next 8 years.