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Our inspector visited this ‘Blueboard’ exterior home in Murarrie today that has been attacked by one of our less common termites, Heterotermes sp.

Even though the home has a full Termimesh perimeter treatment, they still entered undetected.


Here’s the view  from the outside the home showing an old wine barrel beside the wall which was used as a planter. There were dozens of mature alates ( flying termites ) in the old wine barrel, ready for their reproductive flight. Heterotermes termites have come up through the pavers and infested the pine timbers in the wine barrel.

Problem is that once they had found the wine barrel, they foraged further and found their way past the termimesh and into the rear window of the home causing moderate damage to the architrave.

The lesson here is to remove all food sources from near your home, as once termites find a large food source, they keep foraging for more large food sources, such as houses.