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This beautiful Heritage Church, now known as the Tingalpa Pioneers Chapel, was built in 1868

A few years later was flattened by a cyclone in 1885. The church was rebuilt using the original timbers. Recently the Church was  restored by the Friends of Tingalpa Heritage Group.

A few years ago the flooring throughout the church was replaced after termites caused serious damage to the building. A treatment was carried out by another firm, but termites re-entered the building shortly after and have caused more damage.


Termite Solutions were approached to rectify the problem.

After a thorough inspection, we identified the termites as Coptotermes sppOur experience told us that we needed to test drill the large Gum Tree in the neighbouring property, as this is where this very destructive species is most commonly found.

Termite baits were installed over damaged wall linings inside the rectory in order to treat the termite colony working inside the church. The baits were covered to allow the termite to work without disturbance. A short time after treating the large tree, the activity ceased inside the church.

Termite baits were placed over the damaged walls inside the church as well in case there was another nest attacking the building, but the activity stopped shortly after treating the Tree.

Termite Solutions Inspectors place a high emphasis on Termite Nest Location, so correct termite identification is essential.

In another post we’ll show you where and what to look for when locating termite nests.