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This Alexandra Hills home on Vienna Road, previously owned by an 85 year old lady, was severely and extensively damaged by termites.

Almost half of the roof, including Roof Tiles, was removed in order to replace roof trusses, top plates and wall framing of the laundry, living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Termite Solutions proprietor Mal Brewer bought this shell of a home and together with his team of  Termite Damage Specialists carried out the repairs.

The previous owner explained that she had paid for a well known Redlands company to place termite baits around her home some years before but she couldn’t afford the annual service fees for the company to check the baits. This is a great example why Termite Baiting is not generally in the best interest of customers.



Here are a few photos showing examples of termite damage that can happen to a home without the knowledge of the owner.

This home had Meranti architraves and skirting boards. Read why this much damage happened.

Nearby suburbs Capalaba, Sheldon, Birkdale, Redland Bay, Victoria Point are also Termite Hot Spots areas with predominantly brick veneer homes.  If you need to talk to termite damage specialists then contact us today!