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Capalaba is a predominantly ‘Brick Veneer’ home area.

Early this morning we were asked to attend a home in Capalaba, a bayside suburb in the Redlands, where we have treated several thousand homes over the last 16 years.

Around 90% of the homes where we carry out termite treatments are brick veneer home, and not old timber homes or Queenslander style homes as many people expect. There are several reasons for this, but the fact is that detecting termites in Brick Veneer homes is not as simple as detecting them in timber homes.


Thermal cameras are an invaluable tool in Termite Detection and treatment.

When inspecting this Capalaba home, we used our Flir Thermal Camera to exactly mark the areas infested by termites, so that we could place our Termidor Dust ( termiticide ) right were we would get the best kill. The image above shows you what we could see with our FLIR.

Termite Attack Capalaba

This is what we could see with our eyes, but with Termal Imaging we can see much more. Ask for Thermal Imaging with your next inspection.


This image shows you what we could see with our eyes.


In a followup thermal inspection 5  hours after treating the infested areas with Termidor Dust, our clients were amazed to see that the glowing image previously very obvious with our thermal camera had vanished, showing that Termidor was working very quickly.