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Termite Baiting can be a very effective way to treat some species of termites.

Coptotermes species are Brisbane’s most destructive species, and can attack homes more than 100 metres from their nest, so finding the nest location is not always possible. They come in huge numbers, and if conditions are right, baiting can sometimes be the best ‘first stage’ treatment.

At this Wynnum West home we were confronted with a timber home with previous damage in the roof and beside the concrete stumps. To the owner’s horror, some of her stored goods in the storage shed under the house were heavily infested with Coptotermes termites.

Our technician provided several options to the clients, and explained the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of each option. They chose the baiting option, and we placed some plastic bags filled with some of our ( white ) baiting compound where the termites were most active. This photo shows one of the cupboards in the store room that was full of termite packing.

We placed some bait inside and beside the cupboard, and within 10 days the results were amazing. Termites had entered the bags and were feeding on the bait. Large amounts of the bait had been consumed and required us to refill the bags. The above photos show the baiting compound in plastic bags that we placed on the shelving infested by termites and the compound almost emptied.

Bait stations can either be placed in the grounds around your home, or on timber directly over where termites are active.

Once the bait station is found by the termites, A specially designed matrix (wood flour and termite toxicant) is added which the termites find irresistible. They commence feeding on the matrix, but the toxin in it is slow acting and does not kill the insects straight away. Instead the termites have time to return to the colony and groom and feed other termites (trophyllaxis). In this way the chemical is spread efficiently throughout the colony.


• May eliminate colonies.  • Targets termites outside and inside the building.  • Pro-active method of control.  • Can be self monitored by you, the homeowner, which cuts costs.  • Matrix can be placed anywhere, not just in a stations.  • Low toxicity.


• Some companies quote exorbitant prices for Termite Baiting.  • Termites do not always find stations quickly.  • Termites sometimes won’t take the baits.  • Large colonies can take time to control and may eat large amounts of bait compound, adding to costs.  • Baiting over winter can be very slow, and may not take effect until the warmer months.  • Baiting is not effective on all species.  • Stations require regular checking.  • Installing baits can sometimes be very tricky.


Termites are seen here packing around an Exterra station and feeding inside an inground bait station.

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