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Why we use Termidor

Posted on December 31, 2011 by Mal in Consumer Information, Termite Information, Termite Treatment Brisbane

Because Termidor Works, Everytime, First Time!

Termite Solutions has used Termidor exclusively since 2006 and we’ve found Termidor to be the most effect termite control product that we have ever used. Our motto is ‘Do it Right, First Time’. Termidor is produced by BASF the chemical company and has been trialed for around 15 years. More than 3 million homes in the United States have been protected by Termidor, and the recall rate, i.e. termites getting back in a treated home is very small. It has been registered for use in Australia in 2005. We’ve used  Termidor  since that time with outstanding success.  We’ve treated over 8,000 Brisbane homes with Termidor and unlike the old smelly products that termites could detect and go around, they wont avoid Termidor. We don’t have treatment failures with Termidor, so no costly recalls to rectify problems. Here are some interesting facts about Termidor and Termidor Dust.


Features and Benefits of Termidor

  • Acts on the termite’s nervous system.
  • Its speed of activity is dose dependent; the higher the dose the quicker it acts.
  • It is active on termites through both contact as well as ingestion .
  • Termidor is non-repellent.  Termites will not avoid treated soil, and will consume substrates containing even very high concentrations of fipronil (the active ingredient in Termidor.
  • Fipronil is also capable of being transferred between active termites.
    • Studies using radioactive labeled fipronil have been able to trace the transfer of fipronil from both soil to termites and from termites to other termites .
    • Foraging termites pick up fipronil through ingestion and contact with the treated soil.
    • Contaminated termites return and contact other uncontaminated termites.
    • Fipronil is then transferred to the uncontaminated termites via contact, grooming, and exchange of food.
  • A transfer affect takes place and termites die in large numbers.
  • Fipronil is slow acting and allows for termites to spread it within the nest before they die.
  • Fipronil is not hazardous to humans and other mammals but is highly effective against insects.
  • Fipronil is also marketed as Frontline Flea control for dogs and cats.
  • When applied according to Australian Standards, Termidor is 100% effective.
  • Studies show Termidor is still effective after 8 years and possibly longer.
  • Termidor strongly binds to soil particles and is resistant to leaching.
  • Termidor is not absorbed by plants.
  • Even 1 part per million will control termites.
  • As they say…” If you’re not asking for Termidor, You’re asking for trouble”

Termite Solutions is an Accredited Termidor Applicator and you will find us listed on their site on this page: http://www.termidor.com.au

Also read how to apply termidor here: https://www.termidor.com.au/all-about-termidor/

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