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How to Implement Termite Protection in Brisbane on a Tight Budget

Too many of us have been there, tracking the telltale signs of a termite infestation but hoping that the cause is something less nefarious than wood-devouring insects. Whether the sign is some form of unexplained damage or a few trace bodies of some sort of tan colored insect you don’t immediately recognise, it is all too easy to put off doing anything about a possible termite infestation until the problem becomes dire. After all, extermination and termite protection charges can easily escalate into the unaffordable unscheduled maintenance territory, and you aren’t really in trouble until you start seeing big problems everywhere, and thats where you need termidor protection

Wrong. Most home termite damage takes place before the homeowner begins to notice glaring signs of infestation. If you notice small indicators, but hold off on calling a termite protection specialist until major damage shows up, you are unintentionally causing yourself a bigger headache and a more substantial financial hit than you would be if you had just called for a termite inspection immediately.

Part of the reason that homeowners procrastinate when it comes to calling in the big guns for termite problems is that most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover termite damage. Luckily, Termite Solutions, a company that specialises in termite protection in Brisbane, can offer the next best thing. The company partners with Termidor, the manufacturer of the most widely used termite treatment product in the world, to provide a Termidor Structural Assurance Warranty.

What this “structural assurance warranty” means is that, once Termite Solutions has gone through your home, inspected every vestige of your property for termite life and used thermal scanning and Termidor products to eliminate the infestation, they will also establish a termite protection barrier around the perimeter of your home—also using Termidor—to assure that the infestation doesn’t come back with a vengeance six months or six years down the road. Termidor guarantees its termite solutions for eight years, so if, for whatever reason, your termite problem comes back after a treatment from Termite Solutions, the Termidor structural warranty would cover any damage caused by that termite relapse.

Free Quotes for Termite Protection in Brisbane

Needless to say, securing your Brisbane termite protection services through Termite Solutions is a reliable, cost-effective method that facilitates peace of mind for years to come. But what if you aren’t sure whether you have a termite problem? Termite Solutions can help with that, too. The company is one of the most trusted firms for termite protection in Brisbane, bringing years of experience to the table as well as licensing and insurance from the Queensland Building Service Authority (under the license number 76114).

If you aren’t certain about the extent or even the existence of a termite problem in your home, Termite Solutions can offer you a free quote where a technician inspects your property and uses thermal imaging to identify potential termite activity behind your walls. Termite Solutions knows termite protection better than anyone in Brisbane, and can give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend on extermination without forcing you into a contractual obligation or leaving you hanging with unforeseen costs.

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