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From Albany Creek to Wellington Point, Carina to Mount Gravatt, Forest Lake to Holland Park, Termite Solutions prides itself on being one of the finest companies for termite prevention in Brisbane. A family company, Termite Solutions was founded in 1996 by Mal Brewer and his four sons, and quickly earned the respect of clients in and around the Brisbane area. To this day, the company is still a family owned and operated business, and Termite Solutions brings myriad resources to the table for all Brisbane termite prevention needs.

What sets Termite Solutions apart from their competitors is that the Brewer family decided long ago to remain a business that specialises specifically in termite prevention and treatment. While that decision might keep Termite Solutions out of the yellow pages for services such as cockroach elimination, flea cleaning or other common extermination jobs, it also helps to assure customers that the skilled technicians from Termite Solutions know exactly how to deal with termite infestations. Because this company spends all day, every day fighting back against termites, they know the best methods to not only destroy the termite populations within customers’ homes, but also to go beyond the interior home in order to facilitate wider termite prevention in the long run.

In fact, at Termite Solutions, as much attention is paid to the prevention of termite relapse as is allotted for a full-scale extermination. Technicians from Termite Solutions make a point to meticulously comb homes, properties and surrounding areas to make sure that every last termite is eliminated. The company’s close attention to detail assures that every last termite stronghold is removed from the property or washed out of hiding, from nesting areas in the woods behind the house to entry points in the foundation beneath driveway pavement or concrete slabs.

Technicians from Termite Solutions Point to Termite Prevention as Key Part of the Treatment Process

So why don’t Termite Solutions techs just spray chemicals in the house and call it a job well done like many other exterminators? Quite simply, with termites, it is never quite that easy. Not only do treatment chemicals have to get back to the termite queen in order for the extermination to be successful, a nest left unturned or an entry point left unguarded is an invitation for the termites to return in the future.

To solve that problem, Termite Solutions specialists use Termidor—a leading termite treatment product—all around the property, from interior walls to exterior concrete foundations. Furthermore, Termite Solutions installs a preventative barrier around the house to make sure that the termites are kept away for the long term. Termidor guarantees their products for eight years after treatment, and Termite Solutions offers service insurance so that customers are protected from the rare case of a recurring termite problem without additional charge. In other words, if you are looking to boost your own peace of mind by securing termite prevention in Brisbane, there is no better option than Termite Specialists.

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Our son Michael Brewer recently appeared on channel 9 in a Termite Terror article. Michael has his own business now and we are proud to see his work being featured in the media.