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Termite Detection – Brisbane

Brisbane Landlords Should Be Using Thermal Imaging for Termite Detection

Picture this: you just moved into a new house or apartment and it’s your dream home. It’s a beautiful place, both inside and out, and you’ve never had this much space or so many attractive fixtures or amenities before. There’s just one problem: you’ve begun noticing unexplained instances of damage to numerous wooden components of the living space, and you have a growing suspicion that you might be contending with a termite problem. This is a terrible feeling for a homeowner who had a termite inspection done before moving in and the property pronounced clear of the pests. You should get a detection test and get some termidor detection protection

Unfortunately, unless that test was executed using thermal imaging, the lack of termite detection does not necessarily mean you’re safe. Most landlords don’t use thermal imaging in pest inspections, and while the inspector can declare everything well and good by just looking around and checking the usual infestation spots, termite presence often grows for quite awhile before it can be detected with the naked eye. Quite simply, if you don’t have thermal imaging, you’re only seeing half of the picture.

So how can you deal with your problems of termite detection in Brisbane? Luckily, the locally owned and operated company, Termite Solutions, has an advantage over the average pest inspector (and over most extermination firms, to boot). Termite Solutions technicians are always equipped with hi-tech infrared cameras used to reveal the other half of the picture and find termite problems that are still invisible to the naked eye.

How Does Termite Detection Work?

So how does Termite Solutions make sure that their Brisbane termite detection jobs take advantage of every detail possible? The business prides itself on being able to locate subterranean termites in and around homes and other buildings. Thermal scanners are a part of that job, as are moisture meters and tapping tools. These tools combine to search for out of the ordinary heat patterns or moisture changes—as well as for evident damage—all of which helps to point towards the presence of termites in walls, below floors or even in trees near the house.

Once Termite Solutions has the full picture, they can go to work in helping you to rid your home of termite presence. Furthermore, the company—which brings over 17 years of termite detection experience to the table—knows all of the termite hiding places that many other exterminators often miss, and the close attention to these spots and to areas out in the woods help to assure that the termites won’t come back to haunt you later after you’ve already paid to get rid of them.

Best of all, Termite Solutions is completely licensed and insured by the Queensland Building Service Authority (license number 76114) and can happily and professionally see your Brisbane termite detection and elimination processes through from start to finish.

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