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Termite Baiting – Brisbane

Termite Baiting and Other Options Available to Brisbane Residents

XTerm, a division of Termite Solutions, offers termite baiting and monitoring services for an affordable price, and is one of many ways that homeowners can go about eliminating the presence of termites from their property. XTerm’s termite baiting program implements the Nemesis termite monitoring and baiting system, which uses portable “monitor” stations filled with termite attractants in order to eliminate destructive household invaders. The program can be adapted easily to fit any size home and any kind of infestation, from large houses to one-bedroom apartments and from early stage invasions to full-blown termite takeovers.

When it comes to termite baiting programs—or other types of pest baiting often used for ants, cockroaches or other pests that tend to take up residence in homes—the first question that many ask is whether or not the attractants used in the baiting process are dangerous to children or pets. Luckily, Nemesis offers a unique, state-of-the-art termite baiting system that uses timber cellulose and insect growth regulators to create bait that is both irresistible and deadly to termites, but completely harmless to humans and dogs, cats or any other household pets. On their website, XTerm calls Nemesis “less toxic than salt,” which makes XTerm and Termite Solutions as a whole one of the safest companies for termite baiting in Brisbane.

Even better, Nemesis is so irresistible to termites that, once they taste it, they won’t want to touch anything else. With Nemesis baits in place around a home, household destruction should cease while the baiting process slowly devastates the entire termite colony.

Options beyond Termite Baiting for Pest Infestations

Of course, the termite baiting process is not ideal for all termite infestations. Sometimes, the infestation is so severe or widespread that more aggressive measures must be taken. Termite Solutions specialises in such more “extreme” services, using its Queensland Building Service Authority license (License number 76114) and a world-leading termite elimination and prevention product called Termidor to quickly destroy termite populations and make sure they don’t come back.

Not only will Termite Solutions uncover every vestige of termite life within a home or apartment, they will also search property around the home for nesting areas or entry points. Too often termite exterminators only focus on the interior premises, and while doing so is sometimes sufficient, it also occasionally leads to a relapse of termite issues. Termite Solutions doesn’t allow for such recurring problems. Termidor is guaranteed as a termite safeguard for eight years after it is installed, and Termite Solutions creates a barrier of Termidor around the perimeter of every home it treats to make sure that termites stay far away for a long time.

Customers looking for Brisbane termite baiting solutions or other termite extermination services should call Termite Solutions. The company has been operating since 1996, and the specialists are all experts specialising in the successful treatment and prevention of termite infestations. Where many exterminators offer all-in-one pest services, Termite Solutions focuses exclusively on termites to make sure it provides the best possible service to its customers.

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