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Termite Solutions: Brisbane’s Termidor Accredited Applicator

When it comes to termite exterminators, there aren’t many businesses out there that earn the distinction of being a Termidor Accredited Applicator. One of them is Termite Solutions, a Brisbane company that specialises in protecting your home from termite threats, both now and in the future.

Termidor is the worldwide standard for termite elimination products, and Termidor Accredited Applicators are pest management firms that Termidor has authorised as trusted, professional and fully reputable businesses. Because of the Accredited Applicator status that exists at Termite Solutions, the company is not only able to use Termidor products to protect homes against termite threats, but is also allowed to offer customers a too-good-to-be-true $2 million assurance warranty.

The $2 million Termidor assurance warranty works in a simple but incredibly valuable way. First, Termite Solutions uses Termidor to flush termites out of your home. This process can vary in length and complexity depending on seriousness of the termite infestation and on the overall extent of the damage already caused to the home. Secondly, Termite Solutions surveys the areas surrounding your home in an effort to locate the termites’ origin point. From removing nesting areas from nearby trees to flushing the termites out from under driveways or walking paths so that their entry points are cut off, Termite Solutions makes sure to execute an in depth survey of the property to assure that all possible termite threats are located and extinguished.

Next, Termite Solutions moves to installing a Termidor barrier around the perimeter of your home. Excellent extermination service does little good if the pests can come crawling back within the month or year, and Termite Solutions spends as much time making sure that does not happen as it does in eliminating the interior infestation.

Furthermore, Termidor guarantees the effectiveness of its products for eight years after application, meaning that any home surrounded with a Termidor barrier should be completely termite free for nearly a decade.

Brisbane Termidor Warranty Provides Peace of Mind

So where does that Termidor assurance warranty come into the picture? Since Termidor guarantees eight years of good use, and since Termite Solutions is accredited to back that guarantee with a warranty, any home that Termite Solutions treats with Termidor is essentially insured for $2 million against further termite damage. In the unlikely event that a Termidor treated home sees a termite return, the warranty will cover all structural damage caused by the return. Termite Solutions, as a Brisbane Termidor Accredited Applicator, will also re-perform treatment services free of charge.

Since most home insurance policies do not cover termite damage, the assurance warranty offered by Termite Solutions is a valuable and important safeguard that helps posit the company not only as one of the best users of Termidor in Brisbane, but also as one of the most trusted termite treatment firms in the world. Add Termite Solutions’ Queensland Building Service Authority license (number 76114), and it’s no surprise that so many people in the Brisbane area choose to “keep it local” and call Termite Solutions for any termite-related issue.

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