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Termidor Keeps Termites Out

In the termite treatment industry, it isn’t at all surprising that Termidor has become the go-to product for exterminating the destructive pests and making sure they stay gone for good. At Termite Solutions, a firm for accredited Termidor treatments, we swear by the product and have been using it for years, ever since we debuted our family-oriented business model 17 years ago. Termidor is used all around the world; it has been applied to over 4 million homes in the United States and is rapidly catching on in Australia. Using our Queensland Building Service Authority license (number 76114), Termite Solutions has even supplied Brisbane Termidor to roughly 5,000 homes. Quite simply, in the realm of liquid termiticides, none are better than Termidor.

So why, at Termite Solutions, do we consider it to the best and continuously use it from year to year? First of all, Termidor is a thoroughly versatile chemical for termite treatment procedures. During early stages of a Termidor treatment, we use Termidor dust to treat impacted termite areas on the interior of the house. From walls where termites have been voraciously feeding to broken up floor segments near where the pests have been gaining entry to the house, the dust ultimately coats the unwelcome insects for them to carry back to other parts of their colony or best of all, directly to their Queen. Sooner or later, this is precisely what happens, and the colony is erased from the home.

Termidor treatments also come in a liquid form, often as a specialised soil treatment product. Termite Solutions technicians used Termidor’s liquid form to pump into stone, brick and concrete work around each house we treat. Often, termites are getting into homes through foundation cracks concealed beneath these home-surrounding amenities. We drill holes in the concrete, pump several liters of Termidor into the hole and watched as the termites are flushed out and their bodies washed away. Once we have removed the infestation from the area, we plug the holes with a durable mixture that matches the aesthetic appearance of the rest of the concrete work. Unless someone is looking closely, they will be hard pressed to notice that any drilling has occurred at all.

A Brisbane Termidor Treatment from Termite Solutions Attends to Whole Property

At Termite Solutions, we are firm believers that the job simply isn’t completely finished until safeguards have been put in place outside a home to insure that termites aren’t coming back any time soon. For that reason, we use our liquid Termidor solution to create a virtual termite barrier around the perimeter of every home we work on. The Termidor is poured into a trench that we dig surrounding the house and then stays there, repelling termites for a product guaranteed eight years. In other words, a Brisbane Termidor treatment from Termite Solutions is a job built to last, and anyone looking for a Termidor treament in Brisbane need look no further than Termite Solutions.

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