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Termite Solutions technicians use Termidor Products exclusively for their termite treatments.

Termite Solutions are accredited and trained Termidor applicators which means that we have signed a statutory declaration that we will apply Termidor at the correct rate, at the correct amounts and to the highest standards as set by BASF, the Termidor manufacturers. 

This ensures that our clients receive High Quality Termite Protection using the Worlds most effective Termite Control products. If you’re considering having your home protected by Termite Solutions and Termidor, then take a few minutes to watch the attached video to see the benefits of using Termidor and Termidor accreditied applicators. Termite Barrier Treatments must be carried out according to the directions on the label of the product used, and the Termidor product label has the highest standards of all other products.

For more information about why Termidor is superior to other products, see the Termidor V’s Generics video on TermitesolutionsQLD Youtube channel.

If you’re not asking for Termidor, You’re asking for trouble!

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