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After carrying out more than 6,000 applications with the one product, Brisbane termite management specialist, Mal Brewer, believes he has every right to express his faith in Termidor® Termiticide.

Over his twenty years in the business, he has tried a wide range of products and technologies: generic and patented; repellent and non-repellent; and pre- and post- construction.

And, he has also been around long enough to have used — extensively — the ‘old’ organochlorine technologies and the organophosphates which followed them in the wake of their demise.

Mal runs specialist termite management company, ‘Termite Solutions’ from his base at Manly West, south-east of Brisbane. He services clients with termite issues from the upper Gold Coast, through Greater Brisbane, to the lower Sunshine Coast.

Mal Brewer said promoting one’s self and one’s company as a “segment specialist” creates exciting marketing and business development opportunities. But, he said, it also creates demanding expectations from clients who come to expect failure-proof perfection.


“No product has ever proven as reliable — time after time, year after year — as Termidor,” Mal said.

“Since I first started using the product, in 2005, I have conducted over 6,000 complete termite jobs with Termidor and never had a product failure,” he said.  Mal said he has tried significant numbers of (off patent) generic pesticides in his time in the industry.

“There is obviously an attraction when a pesticide comes off patent and people from all over the world start churning out chemicals which, to all appearances, look the same as the original but at a far lower price.  “The problem is, in my experience, generics are not and never will be the same and will never be as reliable,” he said.

“I may be doing quite well with my business, but I am very much ‘time poor’,” Mal said.  “This means, the last thing I want is for me or my team members to be held up unblocking nozzles full of sediment and gunk or having to reagitate tanks in the middle of a job.

“And, with good paying jobs mounting up, I really don’t want to get recalled out to redo a job which has failed because the chemical hasn’t stood up to be counted, when it counts. That’s why we rely on Termidor. Termidor give us a big advantage over termites”


According to Mal, “ … recalls are far more expensive than most people realise”.

“Using cheaper chemicals is not cheaper when you keep having to go back for nothing and pump in more chemical in between offering grovelling apologies,” he said.  Mal said many generic companies also fall short when it comes to backup and support.

“I want to know that if ever I do run into difficulties or find myself up against a new challenge I can turn to and rely on the support of the company which developed and continues to stand behind the product I am using.  “It’s very much a confidence thing.  And it’s about trust … what you can trust and who you can trust.

“These days, more than ever, you get what you pay for,” Mal said.  In Mal’s opinion, “ … nobody in business enjoys paying out money”.


“But, I really have to say, I don’t mind paying for Termidor, because I am not just buying a first class piece of termite management technology: I am buying peace of mind.

“With Termidor, I know we won’t be finding termite activity anywhere near where we’ve treated … not only in the house but outside in the gardens, in sleepers, fences, logs, stumps, and so on.

“And, ten years on, Termidor just keeps on keeping on.”

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BASF recently produced the media release above featuring Mal Brewer, proprietor of Termite Solutions Queensland.