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Assisting clients in Springwood with serious termite issues.

The owner had carried out his own treatments, but the termites progressively moved to other areas of the house.

He contacted Termite Solutions for assistance and to carry out a Termite Treatment. Due to the complicated multi level style of construction combined with construction issues and the highly conducive conditions in the subfloor of the home, we installed some termite baits on the walls and placed bait inside the walls rather than attempting a chemical perimeter treatment.

Termite Baiting can be a highly effective method of Termite colony control, particularly when Coptotermes species are involved and a nest isn’t found.  A large termite nest was discovered some time after baiting had commenced in a park on council property well over a hundred metres away from the affected home.

Here are a few photos from the job:

Termite packing under the slab.

Termite workings are seen here coming from under a stair void and through the Besser block foundations.

Termite workings that appeared overnight.

The owners woke up to find this pack of termite mudding had appeared overnight. The box is the termite bait box, and the black tape was holding rubber stoppers over holes in the walls where termite bait had been placed.














Empty Termite bait box

Termites had completely emptied this bait box and eaten significant amounts of the bait in the wall cavity. No live termites were found inside the box or wall. Live termites were still found in other areas of the home, so further treatments with bait have commenced.

Termite Stalactite on the vacuum pipe

This photo shows a termite stalactite hanging from the vacuum pipe under this Springwood home. Termites were building a tube down from the flooring to the ground to source moisture. Some of the tube had already been broken off prior to the photo being taken.



Termite Nest 100 plus metres away from the home.

The owner found this large nest in a council park over 100 metres away from their home. This photo shows our inspector Mal Brewer beside the nest.



Termite Nest Destruction.

The home owner is seen here breaking into the termite nest near his home to kill the colony. The exterior of the nest is very hard to break into and the steel bar being used barely dented the clay like material.



Termite packing outside the wall.

This thermal image shows how thermal imaging assists us to see where termites are hiding in wall cavities. We can then place termite bait directly where they are feeding. Note the shaded areas on the wall. We can see that there is termite workings in the wall and accurately and effectively treat the activity




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