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Thermal Imaging Solutions

Thermal Imaging Assures that Termite Solutions In Homes and Beyond Happen as Early in the Termite Life Cycle as Possible

If you have struggled with a termite infestation in your home before, then you certainly don’t want to deal with the same issue twice. You’re not alone: plenty of families end up having to shoulder the costs for termite treatments, whether because their home was built in a wooded area bedecked with termite nests or because the landlord neglected to do a proper inspection when testing for pests before the family moved in.

A lot of frustration goes along with having to deal with treatments for termites. For one thing, it’s easy to wonder how the problem was missed during the inspection. In reality, it is remarkably easy to miss a termite infestation until it has already escalated to the extreme level. This is because termites can cause a great deal of interior or structural damage to your home before that damage becomes visible to the naked eye. Whether the little invaders are feasting on the wooden foundations of your home or working their way through your walls or ceilings just below the surface, naked eye inspections simply do not cut it anymore.

Luckily, termite treatment specialists like the Brisbane-based family company, Termite Solutions, have been given a substantial advantage over termite pests thanks to boosts in technology. Termite Solutions uses thermal imaging to see termite damage early on, before it becomes visible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging, then, makes it possible to catch termites and treat them before home damage costs get any higher than they already are. It’s no surprise why Termite Solutions and other termite extermination specialists urge homeowners and renters to demand thermal imaging inspections from previous owners or landowners before they move in.

Termidor: Making Termite Treatments Permanent

Of course, locating a termite infestation with thermal imaging is merely the first step in the process of getting rid of the pesky pests. The benefit of getting a landlord or realtor to execute a pre-move-in thermal imaging scan of a residential space is that, if there are termites, you can opt out of the purchase or look elsewhere for a lease more worth signing. If you are already the homeowner, however, the termite problem is your problem, and you need to figure out a way to make the best of it.

Enter Termite Solutions, one of the most trusted companies for termite treatments in Brisbane. Licensed and insured by the Queensland Building Service Authority (BSA 76114) to deal exclusively with termite difficulties, Termite Solutions can bring your infestation to an end and make sure it doesn’t come back. By using Termidor, the world-leading standard for termite treatments, Termite Solutions leaves no stone unturned (sometimes literally) in finding termite nesting areas, damage spots and home entry points. Termidor, which has been used in millions of homes worldwide to eliminate termite presence, is then applied to each area. The chemical is also used to build a “termite barrier” of sorts around the perimeter of your home. One way or another, the chemical makes its way back to the queen and the entire termite population is wiped out as a result.

Best of all, Termidor prides itself on having no product failures. In other words, termite treatments delivered by licensed Termidor applicators—like Termite Solutions—last for eight years with nothing but annual inspections needed to make sure everything is sound. So if you are looking for Brisbane termite treatments, call Termite Solutions and keep it local!

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