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Termite Barriers

Brisbane Residents: Keep out Pests with Termite Barriers

Many Brisbane termite or pest control outfits advertise termite baiting as the prime method for eliminating a termite infestation from the home. Certainly the method makes sense, using the same kind of attractant traps to wipe out termite colonies as most homeowners are used to using to get rid of rats or ants. However, while baiting can work, it is a traditionally slow moving process and only eliminates the termites in the home or apartment. If the source of the infestation was an outdoor nest or an entry point in the house foundation, the chances of the termite problem coming back at a later date are fairly high.

For most pest control companies, a recurring termite problem means a recurring stream of income. For customers, a recurring termite problem is the worst possible outcome. If a homeowner goes through the entire ordeal of eliminating termites once, the last thing they need is a recurrence.

At Termite Solutions, we don’t subscribe to this too-common pest control belief system. A family owned and operated business since its founding in 1996, Termite Solutions employs technicians who want to make sure that customer termite issues are resolved the first time around so that no recurring extermination services or costs are necessary. To assure that our termite treatments are a one-time service, we skip the baiting process and use a termite barrier instead. These barriers give our customers peace of mind and help protect a home from repeat termite attacks.

How Termite Barriers Work

As a company renowned for installing termite barriers in Brisbane, we at Termite Solutions know that successful termite elimination involves more than simply killing the colony. In fact, many termite problems often originate from outside the house, whether from a termite nest in the woods or from a crack in the concrete foundation of a house.

Rather than focusing extermination efforts singularly on the interior of the home—like termite bait companies do—our technicians at Termite Solutions turn their attention to problematic exterior areas to reduce the chances of a recurring termite issue. We use Termidor, a world-leading product for termite treatment, to take care of indoor termite populations, then pump it into the concrete of a home’s foundation and into the soil around the perimeter of the home to establish a sort of termite barrier for Brisbane homes.

So how can you know whether or not to trust us? First of all, Termite Solutions has licensing and insurance from the Queensland Building Service Authority (license 76114); secondly, we are a Termidor Accredited Applicator, meaning that we can offer a $2 million assurance warranty for our Termidor services. Since Termidor guarantees their termite barriers for eight years, any damage caused to your home by returning termites in that time (an unlikely occurrence) will be covered by the warranty – up to $2 million.

Long story short, if you are in need of Brisbane termite barriers, get in touch with Termite Solutions. We can offer you a free quote for our termite services, a detailed inspection, a full termite treatment and comprehensive Brisbane termite barrier around your home, all for a reasonable price and with professional and friendly service.

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