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Termidor Treatments Keep Termites out in Brisbane

In the termite treatment industry, it isn’t at all surprising that Termidor has become the go-to product for exterminating the destructive pests and making sure they stay gone for good. At Termite Solutions, a firm for accredited Termidor treatments in Brisbane, we swear by the product and have been using it for years, ever since we debuted our family-oriented business model 17 years ago. Termidor is used all around the world; it has been applied to over 4 million homes in the United States and is …read more.

Termite Solutions: Brisbane’s Termidor Accredited Applicator

When it comes to termite exterminators, there aren’t many businesses out there that earn the distinction of being a Termidor Accredited Applicator. One of them is Termite Solutions, a Brisbane company that specialises in protecting your home from termite threats, both now and in the future.

Termidor is the worldwide standard for termite elimination products, and Termidor Accredited Applicators are pest management firms that Termidor has authorised as trusted, professional and …read more.

Termite Baiting and Other Options Available to Brisbane Residents

XTerm, a division of Brisbane’s Termite Solutions, offers termite baiting and monitoring services for an affordable price, and is one of many ways that homeowners can go about eliminating the presence of termites from their property. XTerm’s termite baiting program implements the Nemesis termite monitoring and baiting system, which uses portable “monitor” stations filled with termite attractants in order to eliminate destructive household invaders. The program can be adapted easily to fit any size home and any kind of …read more.

Brisbane Residents: Keep out Pests with Termite Barriers

Many Brisbane termite or pest control outfits advertise termite baiting as the prime method for eliminating a termite infestation from the home. Certainly the method makes sense, using the same kind of attractant traps to wipe out termite colonies as most homeowners are used to using to get rid of rats or ants. However, while baiting can work, it is a traditionally …read more.

Brisbane Landlords Should Be Using Thermal Imaging for Termite Detection

Picture this: you just moved into a new house or apartment in Brisbane and it’s your dream home. It’s a beautiful place, both inside and out, and you’ve never had this much space or so many attractive fixtures or amenities before. There’s just one problem: you’ve begun noticing unexplained instances of damage to numerous wooden components of the living space, and you have …read more.

Termite Inspection Company In Brisbane On Value Of Local Inspections

“Keep it local.” That’s what many residents of cities like Brisbane and other communities around the world say when pursuing everything from home maintenance services to produce purchases. That’s also the trademark tagline for Termite Solutions, a company for termite inspection in Brisbane with …read more.

Termite Prevention for All of Brisbane

From Albany Creek to Wellington Point, Carina to Mount Gravatt, Forest Lake to Holland Park, Termite Solutions prides itself on being one of the finest companies for termite prevention in Brisbane. A family company, Termite Solutions was founded in 1996 by Mal Brewer and his four sons, and quickly earned the respect of clients in and around the Brisbane area. To this day, the company is still a family owned and operated business, and Termite Solutions brings …read more.

How to Implement Termite Protection in Brisbane on a Tight Budget

Too many of us have been there, tracking the telltale signs of a termite infestation but hoping that the cause is something less nefarious than wood-devouring insects. Whether the sign is some form of unexplained damage or a few trace bodies of some sort of tan colored insect you don’t immediately recognise, it is all too easy to put off doing anything about a possible termite infestation until …read more.

Termite Solutions: Offering Termite Treatment in Brisbane Since 1996

There’s nothing like a bevy of termites eating away at your home’s foundations to ruin your day, week, month or even year. At Termite Solutions, we specialise solely in the removal of termites, so you can rid your home of these little pests before they cause any substantial amount of damage. The experienced technicians at Termite Solutions are …read more.

Thermal Imaging Assures that Termite Treatments in Brisbane Homes and Beyond Happen as Early in the Termite Life Cycle as Possible

If you have struggled with a termite infestation in your home before, then you certainly don’t want to deal with the same issue twice. You’re not alone: plenty of families end up having to shoulder the costs for termite treatments, whether because their home was built in a wooded area bedecked with termite nests or because the landlord …read more.

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