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Pre-Sale Termite Inspections for Homeowners

Our inspector has confirmed termite damage in the walls of this home by inserting a Borescope through a small drill hole into the wall cavity.

Are you thinking about putting your property on the market? Help sell your Brisbane home by providing the assurance of a pre-sale termite inspection report. Providing prospective purchasers with a report saves them time and could provide a definite advantage, particularly in areas known for termites.

  • Selling your home?
  • Auction?
  • Open for inspection?

Avoid the embarrassment of the buyer’s pest inspector finding termite activity. Why not provide a copy of our report to your real estate agent or attach a copy on the auction conditions sign board?

What do these inspections involve?

A pre-sale inspection helps Brisbane homeowners by ensuring the property is free from termites, borers and fungal decay (also known as wood rot), using non-invasive methods of assessment including thermal cameras and moisture meters. Inspecting all of the visible areas and timber throughout your property, we also look for any conducive conditions that will make your home more appealing to timber pests. This is essentially the same as a pre-purchase assessment, however you’ll have the advantage of finding any issues before you sell your home, and therefore be in the best position to decide the correct course of action for your situation.

Our qualified team inspects all accessible areas of your property including:

  • Outdoor areas (trees and stumps, external timbers around the property and fencing)
  • Indoor areas (timber frames on windows, doors and skirting boards)
  • Garages
  • Outbuildings (sheds and workshops)
  • Under the floor (where sub floor is accessible)
  • Roof timbers.

Things you should know

It is important for home owners to know that the majority of property sale contracts include a building and pest inspection clause. This means after the inspections are complete, a buyer may try to renegotiate the price if there have been issues found with the property. The most common issues that lead to renegotiation are structural faults and a lack of termite protection. That is why a pre-sale inspection is so important. Get your home inspected today before it hits the market, as this will allow you to identify any problems and resolve them instead of losing thousands of dollars, or failing to find buyers. Find out more at termitesolutions.com/inspections/

Steps should be:

  • Treat the termites,
  • Fix the problems,
  • Present your home,
  • Sell!

Your agent will love you and you should sail through the buyer’s inspection already knowing the outcome.

When you are looking for a company that organises building and pest inspections with the real estate agent, the buyers and the sellers, rely on our free-call booking service. Our specialist team are licensed and insured, and each of our inspectors has extensive experience in the field. Working alongside Barry Moore Building Inspections, we provide typed reports instead of checklists, and include photographs that have been taken throughout our visit to show evidence of our findings.

Our photo reports are great for clients who are interstate and overseas, as they offer clear, easy to understand comments about their property. Reports are available not long after the inspection and these can be sent to you by post, fax or email. Our inspectors will take the time to discuss the good and bad points of your property with you. After showing you your risk areas, we outline the termite protection methods being used and the benefits of these. Our aim is not to scare you or coerce you to buy expensive treatments, but rather to just give you the facts in order for you to make an informed decision.

Our pre-sale inspections are designed to protect you, and give you peace of mind that your property is up to standard and that you will get a fair price. If you would like to have your Brisbane based property inspected for structural damage and pests, simply get in touch with our expert team.

Please call 1800 625 499 or send us an email.

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