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A working party for the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association AEPMA has recently released a long awaited Code of Practice for Prior to Purchase Pest Inspections.

This Code of Practice sets a minimum standard for Professional  Pest Inspectors who carry out such inspections and lifts the bar on the quality and scope of inspections. It will also explain to Home Buyers and Sellers, their Real Estate Agents, and Legal or Conveyancing Representatives as to the tests that the Pest Inspector should carry out and how they should report on their findings.

A prior to purchase timber pest inspection carried out by a registered timber pest inspection specialist will ensure you get the best possible value and advice that you can rely upon for making your decision to purchase or negotiate a final price on a new home or investment property.

Registered Timber Pest Inspectors must undergo specific national competency training relating to timber pests and have at least two years actual practical experience dealing with timber pests before they can apply for registration.

Inspection service providers or individuals also need to carry specific Public Indemnity and Professional Liability Insurance to protect you and your investment.

Over the coming months, clients will be able to choose suitably qualified Professional Pest Inspectors that meet the Code of Practice guidelines from the new AEPMA Timber Inspector Website.

Termite Solutions Inspectors are undergoing accreditation at this time and waiting for inclusion in the website. Our reports are being up-graded to meet the new guidelines required by the Code of Practice.

Ensure you choose accredited Professional Inspectors when buying your next home.