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At this Mount Gravatt East home we found termite entry points under the house and along the front wall under some plastic damp course barrier.

We cut the excess plastic away to show the termite mud packing along the slab edge.

The photo shows the termite entry points in this Mount Gravatt East home.

Thermal imaging assisted us to exactly locate the termite packing in this Mount Gravatt East home yesterday.


Once we know where termites are hiding in the walls, we can treat them using Termidor products with pinpoint accuracy. This ensures the best result without product wastage.  

The images and thermal movies below, show the termite activity that was easily found with our hi-end Flir thermal cameras.

This what we could see with and without our Flir thermal camera.

If the firm you are currently using for your termite inspections is not using hi-end thermal imaging, you need to ask yourself, “what are they missing”?


Thermal Fusion Movie of a termite infested wall in Mount Gravatt East Brisbane

Infrared video of an external wall of a termite infested Mount Gravatt East home.

The homeowner could only see the obvious damage, but the large pack of termites behind the shower wall was not visible.

Ask for thermal imaging with your next termite inspection!