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This Manly West home with Meranti skirting boards and architraves was treated over a 18 months ago by another firm!

It wasn’t until the owners decided to remove some walls that the owner found the termite damage to several internal walls and a hardwood floor joist.

There are some interesting issues with this job:

  • The company that treated the home did not detect the termite damage, as they didn’t have a thermal camera.
  • The owner was not aware of this damage.
  • This is another example of a significantly damaged hardwood home with meranti trims. Termites rarely touch Meranti skirtings boards and architraves.  However, though undetected, they will destroy the wall frames and roof timbers.


Termite Treatment Manly West

Previous termite treatment drill holes marked with chalk and compared to the treatment by Termite Solutions (visible with grey plastic plugs),

The previous termite treatment drill holes were marked with chalk and compared to the treatment by Termite Solutions.










Our treatments are  visible with the grey plastic plugs.

It is easy to see why termites continued to damage this Manly West home long after the initial substandard treatment was carried out:  the treatment spacings were too far apart so termites continued their destructive work.Termite Solutions treatments are always well within the maximum allowed spacing of 200mm.

That is why homes treated by Termite Solutions don’t have treatment failures!