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Termites Kenmore – This week we attended a large brick veneer home in Kenmore where the homeowners found strange marks in the wall.

This photo shows what they found.

The chalk marks show the extent of the mud packing in the areas where we expected to find a large number of termites for the proposed Termidor Dust treatment.

Termites carry soil from outside the building into the walls to create a suitable environment for them to work and survive. Damage is usually found away from these packs, but we usually find large numbers of insects in areas such as these.


Strangely, though we could see the damage, our thermal camera wasn’t showing much at all. Our moisture meter also showed low range readings for such an issue. Significant damage was found in the top plate during our roof  inspection.

Termite Damage Kenmore

Termite Damage Kenmore

We decided to open the wall to determine the extent of damage under a support beam that runs through the home. Serious structural damage was found and a termite damage specialist was called.

For some reason, there were very few termites present in the termite workings in the wall cavity, which accounts for the low moisture and thermal readings. This photo shows damaged support timbers under one of the main roof supports.

Termite Solutions will start the perimeter treatment a few days after the Termidor Foaming application.