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Thermal Imaging Termite Detection

Get the full picture. See what's really happening inside your home.

If you don’t have thermal, you’re only seeing half the picture.

Termite Inspections using Thermal imaging methods uses infrared technology. It is a powerful but non-invasive technique used during termite inspections to monitor buildings for issues such as roof leaks, construction issues, electrical faults, possum and rodent infestation, moisture issues and very importantly in our warming climate, inadequate or missing insulation.

These are issues that could cost thousands to rectify, so it’s important to find these issues before you buy your next property and all the problems associated with it.

An essential tool in termite detection

In our business we find thermal imaging an essential tool in Termite detection and Termite treatments but we commonly find conducive conditions such as shower leaks insulation problems and moisture issues.

Also helps in detecting general home maintenance issues

Using infrared is ideal for identifying maintenance issues such as shower and roof leaks prior to damage resulting, and is effective in pinpointing areas with high concentrations of termites that may require removal of wall sheeting for repairs to be carried out.

The cameras see things we can’t

Thermal cameras pick up things that are only visible in the infrared light spectrum which is invisible to human eyes. Just like digital cameras, the higher the resolution and sensitivity of the infrared camera, the better the image obtained and the more likely we will find early or small signs of termite infestation.

Quick results means less time and less money spent on inspections

Time is money in business and with Thermal imaging we can quickly scan large buildings or areas which out of the our reach of our hands, such as high areas, posts, beams, raked and timber ceilings, and we’ll very quickly confirm the results from our visual inspection with those obtained with thermal imaging.

The best technology available to do the job

With thermal imaging, we don’t miss termites, and we provide a very professional inspection and report knowing that we have the best technology available to do the job. There’s no more just turning up with a tapping stick and torch. The stakes are too high for that.

How does it work?

Thanks to this amazing technology our high resolution Thermal cameras show minute differences in wall and surface temperatures, down to .05 degrees centigrade. We can now easily detect the areas of concern, so that we can accurately direct our treatments ensuring that all termites are quickly, safely and effectively eliminated using the best termiticides available, Termidor dust and Termidor soil treatment. We’ve used Flir thermal cameras and since 2005 and treated over 4000 homes with Termidor with outstanding results.

Keeping up with the latest – instant iPad viewing for our clients

With our newest camera we can transfer the images to iPad, for our clients to view, or we can share critical information via email while we are still at the property. We use the cameras ‘picture in picture’ or ‘thermal fusion’ functions for more accurate reporting which assists the person doing repairs or treatment to see the hotspot or problem areas, and our professional reports can be used for negotiation purposes in real estate transactions. We can also provide digital and thermal photos and videos if required.

Fully trained FLIR technicians – you’re in good hands

All Termite Solutions inspectors are FLIR trained and we exclusively use FLIR ‘high end’ cameras to provide early detection of problems. Once you’ve seen one of these high resolution Thermal cameras in action you won’t settle for another inspection without one.

So if you are in South East Queensland and you need a termite inspection or are buying or selling a home, ‘Keep it Local’, and call our office or send us an email to book an inspection. Find out what’s lurking inside the walls.

If you don’t have thermal, you’re only seeing half the picture.

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