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Pre-Sale reports

Our inspector has confirmed termite damage in the walls of this home by inserting a Borescope through a small drill hole into the wall cavity.

Are you thinking about putting your property on the market? Help sell your Brisbane home by providing the assurance of a pre-sale termite inspection report. Providing prospective purchasers with a report saves them time and could provide a definite advantage, particularly in areas known for termites.

We realise that our clients have different requirements and budgets. We’ll work things out with you to ensure you’re covered…

Where possible we will work within your guidelines. We’ll listen to your needs, explain the pros’ and cons’ of each of the various termite protection methods, the costs involved, and help you decide the most suitable solution for your situation.

No fear, no hard sell, free advice you can trust, that’s what we do…

That’s why we are still going strong after more than 16 years under the same management. The advice you receive from Termite Solutions will be in your best interest, not ours.

We provide priceless peace of mind to our customers…

Peace of mind is priceless. We also provide a complete termite protection service including timber replacement warranties if required. We also work in conjunction with a Termite Damage Repair specialist to get your home back into good condition should you require repairs.

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Proud of my Son

Our son Michael Brewer recently appeared on channel 9 in a Termite Terror article. Michael has his own business now and we are proud to see his work being featured in the media.