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Termite Inspection Services

Termite Inspection Brisbane Services

Using the latest infrared technology together with extensive experience and training, we provide efficient Brisbane reporting and we service the southern area too with minimum inconvenience to you or the occupants, and accurately report on the condition of your property. We are required to check for the presence of termites, borers and wood decay fungi (rot).

Termite Inspection
  • Pre Purchase – it is vital that you have a professional pest control and annual termite & timber inspection performed…before you decide to buy.
  • Pre Sale – help sell your home by providing the assurance of one of our reports.
  • Regular Home Inspections – these will usually find small problems before major structural damage can occur.
  • Thermal Imaging – Thermal imaging termite detection methods uses infrared technology. 

Damage Prevention service

The worst part is, you can’t see the damage occurring. Their presence inside walls usually goes undetected until the damage has become extensive. Get a professional pest control in Brisbane specialist to help find the issues

The safest way to detect their presence before extensive damage has been done is a building pest inspection to Australian Standard AS4349.3. A Brisbane treatment should be carried out by an experienced, qualified and licensed contractor.

Pre Sale Termite Assessments

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane termite inspectors specialise in pre-purchase, pre-sale and routine annual termite assessments with the added security of full public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Full colour digital and thermal image reports are available, which can be emailed, faxed or express mail delivered shortly after the pest inspectors assessment.

Termite Accreditation

Our company holds a current QBCC License 76114. All of our assessments and treatments are carried out to conform to the relevant Australian Standards covering control and eradication of termites.

Qualified Staff

All of our professional pest technicians hold pest control management technician licenses issued by Queensland Health and have TAFE (or equivalent) formal qualifications and can quote what the cost across Brisbane and Gold Coast would be. They must satisfy strict standards for practical experience and on the job training including completion of ongoing independently assessed formal training. To find out more about our team and how we can help you, please get in touch via email, live chat or phone.

Talk to an Inspector Today

For immediate assistance with urgent termite and pest control enquiries phone our professional pest technician on call’ and they’ll be happy to give you advice. No need to lose sleep, we’re always happy to receive calls if you feel the matter is urgent. Phone 0411 222 382.

To find a termite and pest control Brisbane specialist or Termite cost and get a booking call us, please use our free call number 1800 625 499. 12 months checks are paramount to staying on top of the problems.

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Proud of my Son

Our son Michael Brewer recently appeared on channel 9 in a Termite Terror article. Michael has his own business now and we are proud to see his work being featured in the media.

Two minutes of your time contacting us for termite control in Brisbane could save you thousands of dollars in undetected damage in the future.