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Heterotermes spp “Innocent or Hijackers?”

Threat Level: 6/10?

Heterotermes account for very few of the attacks in South East Qld. So why are they getting a high rating?

As the the prefix Hetero implies, Heterotermes are rarely found alone. They are most commonly found in close proximity with other species of termites. Is there a possibility that they are nest hijackers like some species of ants?

When encountered in homes, Heterotermes damage seems distinctly full of mud, even in the skirtings. Opening galleries reveals a few, if any, sluggish workers and if your lucky an equally slow soldier (never open termite workings except in the presence of a licensed pest controller ). But did they do it themselves? Or are they late to the party, renovating as they please?

Heterotermes have been tenuously observed in the workings of other termite species. Why? Heterotermes nests are known to be found in close proximity to other species. Exactly what they are up to yet has not been conclusively determined.

Attacks from this species are considered relatively minor because of the slow rate of damage and the relatively low number of workers. Conversely, the low numbers of active termites can make foaming, dusting and baiting inconsequential. This species may also have a fondness for cardboard linings on surfaces like gyp-rock, especially in damp situations. Correct identification of the entry point is essential for effective treatment.

Any evidence of termite infestation should be treated seriously, don’t hesitate to contact us!