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Super Termites Gumdale!

It’s not often that we see a home under such heavy termite pressure as is this home in the Brisbanes outskirts.

Gumdale is a Brisbane suburb that has seen massive changes over the last 10 years as many of the 1 hectare blocks have been subdivided into 600 square metre household sized blocks.


Most of the large gum trees that dot the suburb have been protected from removal as new homes were placed around them.

Gumdale has more than its fair share of termite problems due to the prevalence of Coptotermes species termites that live inside large gumtrees.


Termites Gumdale.There was a huge Termite Nest in this tree

Termites Gumdale.There was a huge Termite Nest in this Gumdale tree stump.

Six months ago we were called to this Gumdale home as the owners had again discovered some termites in their home.

Here’s what we found in the yard in some trees and a huge dead gumtree was felled to reveal a huge Coptotermes nest.

No wonder they were having problems. This species is Brisbanes ‘Super Termite’.

This old tree stump had become the shell of a large Coptotermes species nest.


Termites Gumdale

Termites Gumdale

When we inspected the crawl space under the house 6 months ago, there were no signs of live termites.

But today, we found this termite stalactite from floor to the ground with hundreds of termites inside the tube.

Termites were seeking moisture from the damp soil under the house and dropped this mud tube down to the damp soil below.

With our Thermal imaging camera we could see this recently developed termite ‘Hot Spot’ containing thousands of termites in the ceiling behind the cornice.

A Termidor Dusting has been organised to kill this large pack of termites inside the house.

A Termidor Barrier has also been organised to stop termites coming back into the home.