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Over the last 3 weeks Termite Solutions inspectors have observed that Microceretermes sp. termites have been very active

And today, for the first time this year, we observed Alates ( flying reproductives ) from a Microceretermes nest beside a home in Algester. Last year our first sighting was in October.

Microceretermes termites are rarely associated with structural damage, but they can really be a nuisance when they build their mud  nests inside your home.

If you studied Latin when you were in school, you’ll remember that ‘ Micro’ means small and ‘Ceretermes’ means ‘ bloody nuisance ‘, so you’ll quickly work out that these termites are a real nuisance, not a very destructive pest.

We’ve attached some photos which show the typical evidence found from Microcerotermes.

In the third picture along….

Termites were found in this 4 year old home in Springfield Lakes that was protected by stainless steel mesh. They entered the building beside a waste pipe under a vanity basin that had not been adequately protected. Issues such as these are common in homes where plumbing penetrations are not adequately protected
Regular inspections are essential in new homes. Pre-construction pest control companies commonly do not cover issues such as this, and place the blame on builders.
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