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Over the last few months ( since early September 2012 ) Termite Solutions inspectors have observed that Microceretermes and Heterotermes sp. termites have been very active.

For the first time this year, we observed Alates ( flying reproductives ) from a Microceretermes nest beside a home in Algester and 4 days later some Heterotermes alates at a house in Murarrie. Last year our first alate sighting was in October.


Microceretermes termites are rarely associated with structural damage.

But they can really be a nuisance when they build their mud nests inside your home. They commonly work in the paper in gyprock walls and incorporate the plaster in their workings. We’ve attached some photos which show the typical evidence found from Microceretermes sp.

If you studied Latin when you were in school

Then you’ll remember the word ‘ Micro’ meaning small and ‘Ceretermes’ meaning ‘ pain in the butt  ‘, so you’ll quickly work out that these termites are just a nuisance, not a very destructive pest.

Heterotermes are capable of little more damage than Micro’s and are sometimes mistaken for our most destructive termite; Coptotermes.

You can generally expect Alates from October to February in Brisbane, so if you find flying insects outside these months you probably have ants!

Now as we move into December we are seeing the larger more destructive species flying. See our post Flying Termites in December.
Flying Termites: Coming to a home near You!