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Schedorhinotermes spp "Its Evolution, Baby!" Threat Level: 8/10 This species is the one that we seem to encounter more often than any other in greater Brisbane inside peoples homes. Their behaviour can be quirky and even downright odd. Make no mistake though, these...

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Nasutitermes spp "Pointy Nosed Hardwood Eaters" Threat Level: 4/10 There is a species of Nasutitermes in Southern Australia called Nasutitermes Exitiosus, which is a significant threat to homes. This particular type can cause extensive damage to hardwood, though pine...

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Microcerotermes spp "The Misunderstood Wanderers" Threat Level: 2/10 There are many common species of Microcerotermes, and they are amongst the most visible termites in suburbia and on bushwalks. Ever wondered who constructed that spectacular mudball on the tree in...

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Heterotermes spp "Innocent or Hijackers?" Threat Level: 6/10? Heterotermes account for very few of the attacks in South East Qld. So why are they getting a high rating? As the the prefix Hetero implies, Heterotermes are rarely found alone. They are most commonly found...

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Termite Damage in Belmont

Termites hide behind roof insulation. Termite damage in a roof can be concealed by insulation, but at this Belmont home the damage is visible. In this, or a similar case it is important that a thorough inspection of all areas of the roof void are carried out by your...

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Termite Nest in Pullenvale

Do you have one of these near your home? No need to panic. They are a very common termite in Queensland and are rarely associated with structural damage. This Microcerotermes nest was found today during one of our termite inspections in Brisbane, specifically in...

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Termite Damage In Old Timber Homes

Queenslander style homes are at lower risk of termite damage than brick veneer homes. Old timber homes such as the Queenslander style home are generally at much lower risk of sustaining serious termite damage than brick veneer homes. The termite damage in the stumps...

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Black Termites

Don't mistake a Nasutitermes for a Black Termite! Black termites are seen in this photo taken by one of our technicians on his vacation in Palawan Philippines. They are very similar to a common species that we find in Queensland called Nasutitermes. If you have seen...

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Termite Lead In Wynnum

Make sure you inspect those 'out of the way' areas at least every year! The home owners of this Wynnum home didn't see this large termite lead coming up inside the store room and into their bathroom. If you find any evidence of termite damage call us straight away to...

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