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South East Queensland has 2 commonly encountered species of drywood termites.

Kryptotermes Primus, is our native species and although the damage they cause is not generally of a structural nature, they can be difficult to eradicate. Unfortunately some of their more destructive cousins Kryptotermes Brevis ( West Indian drywood termite ) have been introduced and their potential to cause structural damage is much higher.

Areas in the centre of Manly continue to be hot spots for this species.

The Manly Hotel was recently covered with tarpaulins ( for the second time in a few years ) and gassed with Methyl Brominde to eradicate the destructive pests. The Queensland Department of Primary Industries can take samples of frass and identify which species are present.


These photos shows their tell tale signs.

Droppings from Drywood Termites

Droppings from Drywood Termites



These granule lie droppings are from Drywood Termites, and need to be collected and sent to DPI for identification.

If the West Indian drywood termite is found to be present, the government may organise for the building to be fumigated.




Drywood Termite Damage

Drywood Termite Damage



Photo shows drywood termite damaged flooring.