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Termite Solutions was selected to trial generic termidor products, and we weren’t impressed.

The first concern we observed was the consistency ( viscosity ) of the liquid. The generic product we trialled has a gluggy appearance.

Then it became a real issue when our filters were blocking and had to be removed for us to continue trialing.  The above photo shows the sediment that blocked our filter. The residue left on the bottom of the tanks was most concerning as we don’t know how much chemical was left undelivered.

Termidor doesn’t have these issues.


Insist on the genuine product: Termidor

Termidor mixes nicely with soil. The generic product we trialled is harder to use and the quality difference is obvious. Some operators are passing off generic products that are a little cheaper than the original Termidor products. Price is always a factor for business owners, and the new products have been released a little cheaper than the original Termidor product. The difference in cost per average 64 lineal meter brick veneer home equates to around $ 80. This is only a small saving on a treatment that could cost into the thousands. This is why we use Termidor.

Ensure that your termite technician is an accredited installer on the Termidor website so you know you will be dealing with a professional firm. Check this link to find a Termidor accredited applicator in your area.

Termite Solutions covers all Brisbane suburbs from from Albany Creek to Zillmere and Ormeau to Kallangur.