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Capalaba is one of the Brisbanes Termite ‘Hot Spot’ suburbs where Termite Solutions have treated hundreds of homes.

Termite Damage in this Capalaba home was only evident in the roof and wall framing, but not evident to the homeowners until severe damage had occurred.

Termites Capalaba roof damage

Termites Capalaba roof damage

The photo above and to the left show pine roof timbers that have been damaged by Termites.

The internal skirting boards, architraves and door jambs in this Capalaba home were all Meranti, which is a termite resistant timber. Termite damage in homes with Meranti trims  or MDF is often not discovered until serious damage has occured.

The owners only became aware of the problem when the roof trusses started to cruch the damaged wall frame ( top plate).


Annual termite inspections would have saved these elderly pensioners thousands of dollars.



Regular termite inspections are essential and Thermal Imaging is an important tool in detecting termites in walls.

Ensure your termite inspection includes Thermal Imaging. Our thermal gallery shows images collected during some of our termite inspections.