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In February we were called to home in Camp Hill with Termite Problems.

The home owners wisely called Termite Solutions and we were onsite within an hour of the call.

The building was a timber home on concrete stumps and the owners had found termites in fences, beside the batten frames on the concrete stumps, and in a wall in the laundry under the house.

This was a typical War Service home, and as usual in such a home, there wasn’t much damage. Termites don’t often pass around the ant capping on the stumps of this type of home unless the ant capping has been damaged.

We carried out a thorough termite inspection of the property including the fences, trees, tree stumps, and right throughout the home.

We also used our thermal camera to check the wall cavities for signs of termites, moisture and other issues. We also used the thermal camera to check a large tree in the yard beside the severely damaged fences.

With the thermal camera we found an unusual warm spot in the tree, so we test drilled it and this is what we found….

Termite Nest in Tree

Termite Nest in Tree

By drilling the tree we were able to locate a Coptotermes spnest inside the tree. You can see termites coming out of the drill hole to protect the colony.

When we inserted a blade of grass into the hole, the termites attacked the foreign object and they can be seen here inside the drill hole…

Treating the nest is simple as we inject the tree with Termidor to kill the colony.

You’ll see examples of  how we treat arboreal nests on our YouTube channel