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Termite Solutions carried out a termite barrier treatment at this home in Albany Creek recently.

The owners claimed that they’d had annual inspections by Hit man pest control franchisee who only found evidence outside the front door.


All the homeowners were aware of was this small amount of damage in some pine mouldings outside the front door as shown in the first photo, however it was a very different scene in the roof as our inspector quickly found severe extensive structural damage over the garage and front bay window.  The cornices inside the home was cracking as the roof timbers crushed the termitedamaged top plates. This was evident as shown in photo 2.

Now that the termite problem is under control, we have organised for one of our termite damage specialists to inspect the damage to organise repairing the problem.

We strongly recommend that homeowners use qualified professional pest inspectors for their home inspections as compamies that claim to do ‘Visual Termite Checks’ aren’t really providing an inspection at all as this family sadly found out.