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Roof leaks detected by thermal imaging and not visual inspection!

First day back at work after the Australia Day weekend flooding rains and the value of thermal imaging is immediately evident.  Four of my Inspections today had roof leaks that were detected by thermal imaging and not by the usual ‘visual’ inspection.

If you are buying a home.

There is no better time to have an inspection than during heavy rain, and you should insist on thermal imaging with every termite inspection you book.  Termite Solutions Inspectors have been using thermal imaging since 2005, and now we find that our clients insist that we have a thermal camera at each inspection.

Firstly I want to point out that small roof leaks are very common on low pitched roofs, especially during heavy rainfall and strong winds that drive the moisture under tiles and roof sheeting, so no panic if we find a little moisture. One of our clients today decided not to continue with the purchase of a property after our inspection with thermal imaging showed serious roof leaks to be present.

Here are a few images that show how thermal imaging can detect roof leaks:

Insist on thermal imaging when you book your next Termite or Building Inspection!

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