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These photos show termite entry points in a brick veneer home at Wellington Point.

Termites commonly enter brick homes through small gaps in the mortar work, but in this situation you can see they have entered the wall beside the water pipe and electrical pipe.



Termite Entry Point Wellington Point

Termite Entry Point Wellington Point

Our client claimed they were aware of  damage inside the home for months before calling Termite Solutions for assistance.

The soil around the foundations was removed to expose the entry points and was then replaced and treated with Termidor.

If you are aware of anything like this around your home then we would encourage you to contact us straight away!


This image from our thermal camera shows the concentration of termites in the wall, which helped us to pin point the areas with the most termites for our Termidor Dust treatment.

Thermal Image Wellington Point

Thermal Image Wellington Point

Termidor dust is often the first stage treatment when termites are found. It quickly and safely eliminates termites from the building and can often kill the colony.

Wellington Point is bounded by Birkdale, Alexandra Hills and Cleveland, all of which are Termite Hot Spots. Termite Solutions cover most Brisbane suburbs but we receive 45% of our enquiries from the Redlands area.

By the way, Victoria Point is the suburb where we have carried out the most termite treatments. The reason that these suburbs have lots of termite issues is that they are Brick Veneer home areas, and mostly the homes are over 10 years old and the termite barrier treatments have expired.