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It’s unusual to see termite stalactites from timber flooring down to the earth under houses.

Termite treatments under buildings, such as seen below, stop termites from entering buildings.  

Termites can sometimes be active in homes, and drop their mud tubes down into soil underneath so that they can obtain the moisture  necessary for them to survive. It is even more unusual to find termite stalacmites coming up from the floor into buildings.

Watch this video showing a termite stalactite under a Gumdale home.

Here you will see an unusual situation where termites have built their mud tubes from the flooring down to the soil. We also found serious termite damage in the roof and subfloor, as well as a huge termite nest in a dead gum tree stump in the back yard.

If you have seen anything like this then…


Here are a few more interesting examples from our inspections: