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The Winds of Change Bring Flying Termites

The Winds of Change Bring Flying Termites

Yes, it’s that time of year when flying termites please to bask in the glory of seasonal winds. We’d like to start off with an incident – While on their way to the office; a group of our technicians were alarmed to find their vehicles covered with...

Black Termites

Don’t mistake a Nasutitermes for a Black Termite! Black termites are seen in this photo taken by one of our technicians on his vacation in Palawan Philippines. They are very similar to a common species that we find in Queensland called Nasutitermes. If you have...

Termites in a Pinjarra Hills Shed

Termites are great climbers! Termites have climbed this old timber ladder to access the mezzanine level in this Pinjarra Hills shed. If you have a termite problem like this, call us today for a chat. We provide friendly, no obligation quotes and advice. Contact...

Termites nesting in an outdoor switchbox

Its just astounding where termites will choose to build a nest! Look at this picture we recently took of a termite nest on an outdoor switchbox: We provide termite inspections in Brisbane, so if  you find evidence of a termite nest call us straight away for a chat...