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Termite Inspection Company In Brisbane On Value Of Local Inspections

“Keep it local.” That’s what many residents of cities like Brisbane and other communities around the world say when pursuing everything from home maintenance services to produce purchases. That’s also the trademark tagline for Termite Solutions, a company for termite inspection in Brisbane with the experience to eliminate your termite infestation problem before it escalates and eats you out of house and home – literally.

Founded in 1996 by Mal Brewer and his four sons, Termite Solutions is a family-run termite inspections company built on the foundations of friendly and trustworthy services. (And those foundations are ones that the termites can’t touch!). According to Brewer, thousands of satisfied Brisbane clients for whom he has provided termite inspections have praised the Termite Solutions “Keep It Local” trademark as a tag that helps distinguish the business from its competitors.

However, a local image only goes so far. No business can survive and thrive in the way that Termite Solutions has over the past 17+ years without bringing nuanced expertise to the table, and Termite Solutions does just that. Homeowners who secure the services of Termite Solutions can be certain that their Brisbane termite inspection is going to be carried out in the fastest, most professional and most cost-effective manner possible.

Termite Solutions also builds its backyard buddy sensibility by offering free quotes to anyone in the Brisbane area struggling with a possible termite problem. Using their years of experience, the Termite Solutions technicians go into a home and work to root out the source of the termite problem and the extent of the damage caused so far. By measuring the perimeter of the home’s exterior and determining how far the termites have spread throughout the interior, Termite Solutions is able to deliver customers and accurate and affordable quote.

While the purpose of the free quote is to allow for customers to look into a different Brisbane termite inspections companies, there is often no need: Termite Solutions offers very competitive pricing, and customers frequently praise the company’s technicians for their friendly demeanor, their close attention to detail and their ability to deliver quotes quickly.

Termite Inspections in Brisbane, Resources Worldwide

Termite Solutions may serve the Brisbane area, but the company’s resources extend far beyond city limits and even beyond the boundaries of Australia as a whole. Once a quote has been delivered and the proposal approved, Termite Solutions goes to work eliminating termite infestations with Termidor, the world-leading product for termite treatment. Termidor is used to establish a barrier around the perimeter of a house and to eliminate pests already on the inside.

However, Termite Solutions takes the safeguard one step further. The company is one of the few selected “Termidor Accredited Applicators” in the Brisbane termite inspections industry or anywhere else. That means that Termite Solutions can offer clients a Termidor $2 million Assurance Warranty. Since Termidor guarantees its termite solutions for eight years, Termite Solutions will return to customer homes each year for an annual inspection and take care of any residual termite problems for no additional charge.

Want to look into Termite Solutions further? The company can be found online at termitesolutions.com and is fully licensed by the Queensland Health Department and the Queensland Building Authority under the license number 76114.

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Our son Michael Brewer recently appeared on channel 9 in a Termite Terror article. Michael has his own business now and we are proud to see his work being featured in the media.